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 Healthy and  Mindful employees will be more effective and efficient at work. Only when employees absolutely involve themselves into the task at hand , best will come out from them. That's we call it as mindfulness. Simple and effective yogic Practices help employees remain focused and stress free amid the challenging situations.      


Why Wellness at Workplace

  Employees are the real assets of any organization, It is the employees who help the company grow .So it becomes very important for the organization to help employees remain Healthy and Joyful. When company start caring for the well being of the Employees ,Employees will become more loyal to the organization and give their best to help the company Strive.   


Mindfulness & Meditation


We help employees remain mindful and become meditative with simple and very effective yogic practices. A mindful person will be more creative, effective and efficient ,no matter what he does.     

Stress Management


Situations Never create stress, its our response which creates stress.With simple Breathing and relaxation techniques we help employees relieve stress

Desk Yoga


We help employees Learn simple practices of yoga at their work location, they can practice sitting on the chair to relieve/prevent back and neck pain

Regular Yoga Classes


We offer regular yoga sessions at corporates. , mostly 2-3 days a week. Employees can join the sessions at their convenience and practice yoga regularly at workplace

Yoga at Apartments


You can Schedule our yoga sessions/workshops at your apartments.Currently we are offering this only in Bangalore

Personal Sessions


We help you learn yoga from the comfort of your home .Our trainers will visit you and conduct personal yoga sessions for you.

About amit


 Amit Kulkarni has done his graduation in mechanical Engineering. Started his career with TATA Auto Comp Systems. After a stint with Tata group he moved to Infosys and worked there for about 3 years before jumping into entrepreneurship. He co-founded an Engineering services company and worked for 5 years. 

As He was always passionate about yoga and  Holistic well being. ,he found teaching yoga is a way forward to share his experience and impart holistic wellness to the masses through yoga


Mindfulness is about being in the Present moment with utmost awareness of the things happening within and around. Every time when the mind wanders we should consciously come back to the present moment and  be mindful, either observe the natural breath or just be aware of whats happening around without being judgmental. 

Life is only happening in the present moment, not in the past and certainly not in the future. When we start living in the present moment consciously, we will be connected to the reality, the truth. Currently thoughts and emotions have taken the front seat and consciousness has taken a back seat. With mindfulness our consciousness will take the front seat . Once we become conscious of every moment ,Health will not be an issue any more and Meditation will blossom.

A mindful person will be more creative, effective and efficient ,no matter what he does.    


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