Couple of Years Back I was about 89 Kgs, Despite of Me being Physically active, I was Unable to Lose Weight.

That's when I realized that I Need to Bring some Change in my Eating pattern.

I studied all the Natural Principles of Weight loss and Started to follow Particular Diet Routine.

In a matter of 90 Days, I not only Lost 8.5 Kgs, I was able to cure my constipation and Acidity. When I got that immense benefit from the Diet Routine, I started sharing and helping people around Me to lose Weight.

In last one and half year, I have helped around 1200 People lose Weight Naturally in 90 Days With the Diet Routine I followed.

I would be happy to assist you to understand the Natural Principles of Weight loss and help you implement my Diet routine so that you will be able to lose 5-10 Kgs in 12 weeks

benefits of the program


Weight loss

Improved energy levels

Light & Rejuvenate

When you follow a Balanced Diet Routine & keep yourself active, you will be able to lose 5-10 kgs Weight in 12 weeks

Light & Rejuvenate

Improved energy levels

Light & Rejuvenate

The program will help you feel light and rejuvenated as you will be following the Healthy Eating pattern  

Improved energy levels

Improved energy levels

Improved energy levels

 With Healthy Diet, Physical activity and Meditation, your energy levels will Improve as you progress into the program

what you get in this program

  • Natural Weight Loss Sutra E Book
  • Diet Routine to Follow
  • Explanatory Articles & Video's which i will share Regularly
  • Telephonic Consultation
  • Unlimited Whatsapp Support 
  • Continuous Motivation :-)
  • Access to My Online Stress Management Program

what participnats have t0 say

Lose Weight Naturally, Without any Supplements or Crash Diet. Do Join TODAY

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free bonus with this program

You will Get  FREE Access to My One Week Online Stress Management Program where in you will Learn 

Pranayama,Mindfulness & Meditation Practice.


ABOUT AMIT KULKARNI : Certified Yoga Trainer & Holistic Wellness Coach

Amit Kulkarni is into Corporate Wellness Space from last 5 years, Conducted sessions  in more than 50 Leading Multinational Companies like Accenture, HCL,DHL, Viocom etc On Healthy Diet, Life Style & Stress Management.

He is on A MISSION to transform the lives of the people by helping them create a healthy pattern around their Life .

He is the Author of the Book "NATURAL WEIGHT LOSS SUTRA"

Lose Weight & Achieve Vibrant Health in 90 Days From Home

Offering Rs.1999 Program Now at Rs.1199